DewServer is the first Dew Computing system. Dew computing has two key features: first, local computers (desktops, laptops, tablets, and smart phones) provide rich micro-services independent of cloud services; second, these micro services inherently collaborate with cloud services. More information regarding Dew Computing can be found here. 

A user may download the current DewServer release and install the dew computing system in your local computer. Currently, DewServer is only available on Windows systems.

DewServer system contains a website and a dewsite The dewsite won’t be available unless DewServer is installed. Once installed, the dewsite will be available and it works even without an Internet connection.

Some available dewsites will be pre-packaged in DewServer releases. The dewsite serves as the dew control panel of the local computer.

DewServer is an Open Source project. DewServer acknowledges the copyrights of all the other open source projects it used. DewServer also acknowledges the copyrights of the dewsites it pre-packaged and the websites it involved.

DewServer is created and maintained by the Dew Computing R & D Group, which is a group of researchers, students, and volunteers who strive for the research progress and practical applications of Dew Computing.

Dew Computing R & D Group welcomes new contributors and collaborators. If you are interested in such opportunities, you may contact us by sending email to