Monthly Archives: February 2016

What is DewServer?

DewServer is a software system based on the Dew Computing principles (organized by the cloud-dew architecture). It is a downloadable package. Once installed, the user will be able to access a group of micro websites (called dewsites) inside the local computer; and these dewsites will collaborate with remote websites whenever possible. DewServer brings the following advantages:

  1. In the past, website data was not accessible if there is no Internet connection; now website data is always accessible.
  2. In the past, website functions were not accessible and browsers were not usable if there is no Internet connection; now website functions are always accessible and browsers are always usable.
  3. Website functions and data could be personalized to fulfill individual needs because these dewsites reside on local computers.

The first release of DewServer

The first version of DewServer (DewServer 0.1) was released on Feb. 12, 2016. This version is a downloadable package. A user may download the package and install it on a Windows system. After the installation, a dewsite will be available on the local computer. The user can access this dewsite using all the major browsers, including Chrome, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox. This dewsite is accessible both with or without an Internet connection.

Currently, this release is not publicly available. It is only available for download by invitation. If someone wants to download this package, please send email to

The major contributor of this release was Zebin Kang.